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The Amaranth Enchantment - Julie Berry I am a HUGE fairy tale fan so when I randomly found this book, I had to give it a chance. Plus the cover is gorgeous!! I just could not tell this book no. It was like it was calling to me. While the basic story line is Cinderella, there are loads of new elements that will keep the reader's interest.What I liked: I really enjoyed the twist Berry did on the "fairy godmother." It was a welcome, and needed change to set this book apart from other fairy tale retelling books. The witch/godmother, Beryl, made this book for me. I loved her back story-- I personally think she was the glue that held this book together. I also liked the interactions between Lucinda and the prince. They were really cute.What I did not like: While I like Peter's character (he was funny), I did not care for what happened to him. He gets his happily ever after, allowing for everything else work out in the plot; however, I felt like the author just took the easy way out... I really cannot say more because it might give too much away. I also would have liked to learn more about Beryl and her world. It bothered me that the reader keeps getting hints about said world, and when we finally have the chance to delve into it, the author does not take the opportunity to properly explore it.Flaws aside, this is a beautifully written, fun, imaginative tale. There are many twists to this book that make it less Cinderella-ish and more original. I highly recommend for any Cinderella fan wanting a change of pace, or anyone who enjoys a good fairy tale.