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Slayed - Amanda Marrone Slayed is definitely a novel that I did not see myself loving. Thinking it was cute... a possibility. Being disappointed... another option. But I can admit with all honesty that I did not think that I would find this novel so irresistible. The tale starts off nice enough. A likable character, who through a sad twist of fate, has been paired her with her parents... traveling from place to place until who knows when... doing only what someone with the last name of Van Helsings can do. Slay vampires. It was only too easy to fall into Daphne's story. She is a very likable character who I instantly bonded with. Part down and out teen... part kick butt and take names. A character who is so emotionally torn, she does not often know which way was up. Rounding out the main-ish characters is Kiki. Now, where do I start with her? Kiki is one of those characters that make a novel... and annoy you at the same time. For the most part, Kiki added the needed breath of fresh air to Slayed. Many of her antics are laugh out loud funny and really added a nice touch of humor to the overall storyline. Other times, I just wanted her to go away since she was just too perky. Annoyance aside, Kiki, in the end, seemed to have a lot more growth as a character than Daphne. And as a reader, I appreciated that.While Slayed may have had a few flaws, it was definitely the perfect novel for my rainy weekend. Plenty of humor... interesting characters... and a little romance goes a long way in this delightful novel.