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Trance - Linda Gerber Trance is a multi-leveled novel that once I picked it up, I really did not want to put it down. Originally, I was drawn to Trance due to the summary sounding very similar to Lisa McMann's Wake series. But once I got deeper into the novel, it was quickly clear that while similarities are there, the two novels are quite different. Trance centers around Ashlyn, a young girl who has seen her share of misery from the visions she foresees. Not much is known about the trances, but one thing is certain, the outcome is not a happy one.The premise is engaging. The writing flows easily. And Trance is unique in its own ways. However, the main issue that I kept coming back to again and again was the deeper level of the novel was missing. The who, what, when, etc. that I kept expecting to find were not there. The characters simply accepted their powers without questioning it. There was no level of discovery. I just kept waiting and waiting to find out the source of these trances, but it never came.As a whole, I really enjoyed Trance. It is a quick, light read that, at times, deals with heavier topics. It unfortunately was not the mind-blowing read that I wanted it to be. But as it is, I really liked it. The ending leads for the possibility of a sequel. And with the lack of understanding regarding Ashlyn's powers, I am hopeful that I can learn more about these characters and what makes them tick.