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The House of Dead Maids - Clare B. Dunkle The House of Dead Maids is a spine-tingling masterpiece. Told as a prequel to Bronte's Wuthering Heights, the reader is introduced to a young Heathcliff through the eyes of the Tabby. While Tabby is a great character, seeing a young Heathcliff was in itself quite a treat.The House of Dead Maids is quite a unique novel. Part classic novel continuation and part delicious Gothic novel with the hint of paranormal. The tale is told beautifully. Now, readers, I must forewarn you. This novel is definitely not for the faint of heart. With sweeping moors and things that go bump in the night, Dunkle's writing gave me the chills. Literally.The only issue I have with the novel is I am not sure who the intended audience is. Dunkle's writing is beautiful, but often times overly complex. Which would not be so bad if the characters were not so young. Due to this, it is hard to recommend this novel to readers of all ages. However, for those of you who loved Wuthering Heights or are interested in Gothic Victorian novels will surely find The House of Dead Maids to be a pure treat.