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Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation (Jack Blank Adventures) - Matt Myklusch From the first pages, I fell in love with Jack Blank And The Imagine Nation. The tale is comprised of young Jack. A child who knows next to nothing about this family or about what the future holds for him. His only joy in life currently lies in the hands of a hidden stash of forbidden comic books. In these books, he is able to imagine that life is not confined to the drab walls of St. Barnaby’s Home for the Hopeless, Abandoned, Forgotten, and Lost. A place that delights in dashing Jack's hopes and dreams. A place whose motto is "Crushing the Spirit of Childhoods Since 1898." While Jack knows that there is not much that he can do to escape this horror, it seems that a tiny little island nation, the Imagine Nation, has other plans in store for him. Jack's story has the most humble of beginnings. A young boy in an orphanage who, by this society's standards, is inferior. His appearance... his standardized testings, all of it are below normal. Yet despite being told what he should be able to do, Jack does not listen. He believes that life has more in store for him than just St. Barnaby’s. And it does... just not the way Jack thought.Jack Blank And The Imagine Nation completely took me by surprise. The story comes to life as Myklusch takes readers on a grand adventure. From the humble beginnings at St. Barnaby’s to the wonder that is the Imagine Nation, Jack Blank And The Imagine Nation stole my breath away. It was truly like being inside a comic book. The descriptions, the interactions, all of it, for me, was like being inside a candy store. The reader gets just enough to delight and captivate without it being too much. Jack Blank And The Imagine Nation is a visual wonderland. From the fantastic characters to the out of this world adventure, readers of all ages will find something in this delightful novel to enjoy.