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Blood Ninja - Nick Lake Blood Ninja completely blew me away with its creativity. I mean ninjas and vampires... in the same novel. How awesome is that? But I quickly realized that Blood Ninja was also different for another reason.As a reader and a lover of the Japanese culture, I almost instantly appreciated Lake's eye for detail. He infuses so much of the Japanese culture into Blood Ninja. From the lush setting to the epic tales, I was completely in heaven. However, for readers not familiar with Japanese culture, it is possible that much of the information will go over your head. Lake tended to use authentic wording and references to tales that some readers may not be all familiar with. Even with the knowledge that I brought into the novel, I will admit that I was lost a few times.Blood Ninja is a novel that is to be savored. Quite honestly, this book took me weeks to finish. At times, it did run a little on the slower side. But I was okay with that do to all the details that Lake provides. Personally, I believe that this is a novel that you actually want to take your time with. I feel like if I had read this in a few hours or possibly even a few days, then I would not have gotten the full effect. Blood Ninja absolutely everything that I was hoping it would be and more. And I cannot wait to see what happens next.