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Brigitta of the White Forest - Danika Dinsmore Brigitta of the White Forest is a unique tale which quite frankly took me a little bit by surprise. From very early in the novel, I was taken in by Dinsmore's usage of imagery, mythology, and creativity. There is a lot here for readers to be fascinated by.Within this novel, I found the pacing to be pretty even. I enjoyed that I was given the opportunity to view the world that Brigitta lived in and get to know her character before the action really began. Many times I found myself completely lost in the world that Dinsmore's created. It is a beautiful world full of magic and mystery. And perfectly suits the mood of the novel.As for the characters, they were not always my cup of tea. While they are wonderful and full of diversity, I did have a slight issue with making a connection to them. Now it is possible that since Brigitta of the White Forest is aimed a readers around the middle grade level that this issue is more my own than with the novel itself.Brigitta of the White Forest, all in all, is a wonderful quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed the world that Dinsmore created, and the characters, for the most part. If you enjoyed novels such as R.J. Anderson's Knife, then Brigitta of the White Forest will definitely be a novel that you will enjoy.