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Cate of the Lost Colony - Lisa M. Klein Short and Sweet: I have a long standing love for the lost colony of Roanoke. It is one of those places growing up that you hear about and your imagination fills in the blanks about what really happened. In Cate of the Lost Colony, Klein has taken the little that historians have discovered and blended it with her fiction. And what a tale it was! Final Verdict: Klein has captured everything that I had hoped that Cate of the Lost Colony would be, and made it believable. Cate, our main character, has some of the best character growth that I have seen in ages. She starts the novel as a shy girl who is taken in by the courts and its intrigue, and transforms into a strong young woman who is capable of handling almost everything. Final Verdict? Cate of the Lost Colony was fabulous. Blending history, intrigue, and a touch of romance, I loved every second of this novel.