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Broken (Extrahumans) - Susan Jane Bigelow Since 2011 seems to be the year of dystopian novels, I expected Broken to fit into the cookie-cutter format that I am beginning to see emerge. What I didn't expect was how Broken pretty much avoided all the stereotypes to give a unique take on dystopian / science-fiction reads and superheroes.. all rolled together into a pretty amazing package.One of the first things that readers will notice is the almost choppiness feeling of the chapters. Bigelow continuously keeps her readers on their toes by switching back and forth between current events and those that are being remembered or possibly in the upcoming future. At first, it took me a while to get use to this format. I would be caught up in the moment to only be thrust into another scene / time frame. After a while, I finally got use to this interesting writing style. And would even go so far to say that it makes the novel even better due to continously trying to figure out what may come next.It would be too easy to throw Broken into one category or another. But there is simply too much here for me to really classify it. Poignant characters. Plot driven action. There are so many levels to this novel. Broken is not a novel that I normally would have picked up. But I am glad that I did.