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Circus Galacticus - Deva Fagan First Impression:An intriguing cover. Adventure. A circus. The book seemed to have more than enough to get me interested.While Reading:Growing up, Trix was always told that she was special. But after a devasting accident killed her parents, it is hard for Trix to believe that she is special anymore. However, there becomes a light at the end of the tunnel once the Circus Galacticus arrives in town.I have always loved the circus and based on Fagan's writing, I am pretty sure she did too. Fagan makes the circus world come to life in an amusing and hiliarous way. I found it hard to put down this adorable book.Behind the fun appearance of the Circus Galacticus, not is all that it seems. Trix is not just some average human girl. No! She has a destiny to fulfill.Circus Galacticus was such a fun book to read. Trix is spunky. And I loved her pink hair (although it is never really revealed how it came about). Circus Galacticus is geared towards younger teens but don't let that stop you from reading it. It was a complete blast! And I cannot wait to see what Fagan's imagination comes up with next.Final Verdict:Fagan has an incredible imagination. Hands down. Combining humor with coming of age issues easily. Readers will be transported out of this world with this highly imaginative book.