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Breadcrumbs - First Impression:Cover love. Period. End of story. Well, ok, the fact that it is based on The Snow Queen didn't hurt either.While Reading:Breadcrumbs... oh, how I wish I could write a song to your beauty. I have never really been a fan of middle grade type novels. The characters often are hard to relate to. Sometimes, they are annoying or not my cup of tea.Anne Ursu, you have forever changed my opinion of middle grade books. Or at least spoiled me.Hazel, our MC, was perfect. Not the perfect fit. Not the girl who just runs with the crowd. This girl dances to her own tune. And I loved her for it. For her awkwardness. Her imagination. For most of the novel, I just wanted to jump in and give her a hug. Tell her I understand what it means not to fit. It was like I was reading about my own childhood. Gosh, it was painful to read sometimes. But I loved it at the same time.Breadcrumbs is like a cup of hot cocoa. It warms you body and soul. Making you want to believe in magic. Believe in the beauty of a snowy day. The snowflakes falling. Each with their own personality. Ursu gives you this imagery. Makes it come to life. Completely transporting me into this tale. Words cannot give justice to the amazement I felt after reading this book. I loved every moment of it. And will be looking forward to more from this gifted author.Final Verdict:Breadcrumbs has earned a special place on my bookcase and in my heart. Ursu completely left me speechless with the beauty of this book. It has been so long since a book has filled me with the amazement that Breadcrumbs did. It was like looking at the world in a totally different way. Bravo, Ursu!