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Where Demons Fear to Tread - Stephanie Chong First Impressions:Cover love. Pure and simple with this one. Love the colors. Love the angel. Love everything about it. Add in the guardian angel and an arch demon plot element. I was sold.While Reading:Lately, I have been in the mood for something different. Something to keep me on my toes. I found that in Where Demons Fear to Tread.Chong divides the sides of good and evil straight down the middle. On one side is Serena, our guardian angel. Julian, our arch demon on the other. Where some authors try to make the line blur, make the good guy (or gal) a little evil or the bad guy a little good, Chong made her line firm. Where Demons Fear to Tread sticks more toward the black and white, not gray. I found this refreshing. Our characters are ingrained to be what they are, no flipping.Where Demons Fear to Tread completely surprised me in the romance department. Sure, I knew that it was going to happen. But I never thought it would be as fun as it was. Serena and Julian were at each other's throat. Battling each other. Challenging each other. A fun battle of wills. Chong certainly let those sparks fly. The chemistry was palpable. And I loved it... every second of it.Verdict:Where Demons Fear to Tread had a few shaky moments, but was a pure joy to get lost in. While the premise was not completely unique, I have to say that I really enjoyed Chong's spin on angels and demons. The characters taking this to a new level with their interesting balance. I will admit there were some connections issues. But the romance and the banter made all of it worth it. The ending was not exactly wrapped with a bow, so I am curious to see what could come next.