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Nomansland - Lesley Hauge Short and Sweet: From the summary, Nomansland appears to be an apocalyptic wonderland featuring a women's only society. Men are the enemy? Young girls not allowed friendships? Rules meant to be followed with no questions asked? To me, that sounds like a rebellion just waiting to happen. And it is what happens... sort of. Nomansland moves along at a snail's pace. Hauge builds and explores the world. Setting up her tale almost like a dystopian fairytale. It is that different. And I really appreicated that. Little to no romance is even meantioned. Every aspect centers around Keller's world and the discovery of the world outside of the compound.Final Verdict: Nomansland was not what I was expecting. It is different from the normal dystopian fare, yet maintaining its roots. There are plenty of unanswered questions and story lines left unresolved, so a sequel is definitely needed.