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Torn (Trylle, #2) - Amanda Hocking First Impression:Despite some issues from the previous book, Switched, I was really interested to see where this series went. But I did promise myself, if I was disappointed, then this would be the end.While Reading:Torn was no where close to what I thought it would be. It almost seemed that this series has done a complete 360. The writing style, the pacing, the character development felt like it had had a complete overhaul. Heck, it almost felt like I was reading a book from another author. The differences are so startling... but in a good way.Wendy, the Tyrelle Princess, was probably the most changed of all the characters. In Switched, Wendy was definitely a strong female lead. However, some of her personality traits were irrating. I did like her in Switched, but I enjoyed her character A LOT more in Torn. It really seemed like those Princess lessons are working or she just went through a maturity spurt between books.One of the issues that I had with Switched was that it felt like Hocking was over introducing possible male love interests. Although, only one male, Finn, really stood out as a possiblity, the rest felt like Hocking was just throwing things against a wall to see if it would stick. I had no idea leaving Switched who Wendy would probably end up with. The same can be said about Torn. Thankfully, Hocking has weeded out almost all the interests except two... Finn and Loki. And at this point, it seems that Finn is a long shot and I have no idea about Loki. And all the confusion is perfectly fine with me. But secretly, my money is on Loki. Yum.Verdict:Everything about Torn was more than what I had expected. Pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. Characters are being shaped. And the danger is starting to get real. Super excited about the next installment.