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Erasing Time - While Reading:Every time I open a book, I hope for an experience like the one that I had with Erasing Time. From the beginning, this book and I had a connection. I love time travel books, and when they mix a little bit with a dystopian world, it can be pure bliss.Erasing Time was a surprisingly quick read. I sat down and before I knew it, the book was over. I love how Hill incorporates all the different elements into her futuristic world. The language evolving. Fashion being changed into something unrecognizable. Hill obviously took her time thinking through this futuristic society.Twins Taylor and Sheridan are basically nothing alike. While it is obvious that each girl has their own part to play in regards to the overall plot, they also added their own little flair with their personality differences. Taylor loves science, Sheridan loves books. Taylor is outgoing, Sheridan a little shy. I enjoyed seeing that these girls are first and foremost individuals, and that Hill did not overly play up the twin angle. However, I wished that I could have seen more of Taylor. As it stands, Taylor is painted basically as a jerk. She has some redeeming moments, but still it was hard to really like her. I also found it a bit odd that we are able to see from Sheridan and Echo's POV, but not Taylor's. But with a sequel in the works, it is possible that this may change.If all this was not enough, Hill does the unthinkable with Erasing Time... a MASSIVE twist. Now, I would like to think that I am pretty decent at picking out / predicting upcoming events in a read. But this one, I missed completely. Looking back, of course, I felt silly because all the clues were there, and I simply overlooked a few things. However, that was a good thing. It made me love this twist even more once I discovered it. It was an emotional twist to the gut, which probably would not have been so powerful if I had seen it coming. So, bravo you to you Ms. Hill.Final Verdict:Erasing Time was quite the surprise. From time travel to a little dystopian flare, Erasing Time has a lot to offer. There were a few little flaws, but nothing overly overt to take away from the experience. With the ending being left a tad open, I am excited to see what will happen next.