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Angel Burn (Angel Trilogy Series #1)

Angel Burn  - L.A. Weatherly Angel Burn swept me off my feet. Where as most novels focus on how angels are friendly, are here to save / protect us, Angel Burn takes this is a complete different direction. Angels within Angel Burn are DARK, so dark that it borders on creepy. Now, while this may not be everyone's tup of tea, I ate this up.Willow, our main character, has always been a little different. She could care less about the newest fashion trend. Or who so and so is dating this week. Give her a few tools, a car to work on and she is set. If all this was not enough to set her apart from other girls her age, Willow has a gift. A physic ability that allows her to see into an person's future, their feelings just by touching them. Willow has never thought much of this gift until she gives a reading to a popular girl in school that sets off a whole chain reaction. Adding into the madness is Alex. He is an AK (Angel Killer) whose sole purpose is to extinguish the angel threat. When Willow and Alex team up, there is plenty of tension, a great amount of chemistry, and a sweet almost obsessive romance.A vast majority of Angel Burn seems to focus either on the angel issue or the romance. Very rarely did those two intersect... well, until the end. And for me, this worked really well. I got to understand the angel epidemic and fall in love alongside Willow and Alex. And boy what a romance it was. While very deep and often times almost too much, Weatherly gave me the chemistry that I often find lacking in young adult novels with a romance element.Angel Burn has spoiled me against all other angel novels. It has it all, action... romance... everything that I never even knew I wanted until read this book. Weatherly has created an angel series that I can finally be proud to say I am hooked to. Bravo!