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Wake - Lisa McMann Preface: To be honest, I went into this book very hesitantly. When this book was first released, me and some of my then co-workers had a book club of sorts, and one of the members had independently read this book. She basically said she did not like it, was bored by it, would not recommend it, etc. Due to this reaction, I took it off my TBR pile. However, recently I had seen a large flux of reviews regarding the novel, and decided I needed to at least attempt it. While I valued my ex co-workers opinion, I have to say my reaction to the novel was completely the opposite of hers.Get ready for a non-stop ride with the amazing debut novel. It is has a fresh writing style that was completely captivating. To say I was drawn into this novel completely and utterly is probably an understatement.The novel features some of my new favorite characters, with Cabel leading the way in the men's category. (Sorry, Patch) I honestly do not think I could do justice to the awesomeness that is Cabel. He is a sexy leading character that leaves you questioning his motives, while rooting for him at the same time. In addition, the chemistry between him and Janie was once of a kind. It was hot, sweet, and down right enchanting. I am looking forward to seeing more of this steamy couple in the upcoming novels.Overall, I was very impressed with this novel. Everything about it just seemed it fit correctly together. My only issue was that McMann did not give the reader too much information into the origins of Janie's powers. I would like to see that explored a bit more, but for the moment, I am assuming that is something she will explore/explain in one of the follow up books. If like me, you were a bit hesitant about the book, I say don't be. It is a very quick read with an entertaining plot that keep me wanting more.