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Tell Me a Secret - Holly Cupala Tell Me a Secret is a breathtaking debut novel. Holly Cupala's writing gets to the heart of high school drama and the ramifications of the choices that we make in a realistic and heartfelt way.Growing up, Mandy idolized her older sister, Xanda. She wanted to dress like her, act like her, and to a certain extent be her. Everything changes one day when Xanda dies presumably in a drunk driving accident. Years later, Xanda's death has left a hole in Mandy's life. Mandy cannot stop thinking about her older sister and what life would have been like if she was still around. So when Mandy discovers that she has become pregnant, she begins to look to her sister's spirit for guidance. And along the way, uncovers secrets that could tear her world apart.Cupala does a fantastic job in creating memorable characters. You may not love them, but you will definitely have a hard time forgetting them. Mandy shines in adapting to the hand that she has been dealt. She was not always my favorite character, but I admired her for her spunk. Unfortunately, as the novel progresses, Mandy does lose most of her shine. However, I attributed this more to her situation rather than poor character development. In regards to the secondary characters, they were decent, but not as fleshed out as I would have liked. Many of these characters had potential, but the simple fact is they were not in the plot enough to relate to. But like Mandy's development, I am ok with this. The plot and emotional ambiance definitely overshadow these minor flaws.Tell Me a Secret was an emotional roller coaster as I followed Mandy through the ups and the downs of family life, friendship, and teen pregnancy. I laughed... I cried.. I felt angry... I felt happy. I just felt so much from reading this novel. Every time, I believed that things had leveled out... bam, another dip. In the end, I gave up on trying to guess the emotional waves and just went with it. And it was an incredible journey.