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Skin Hunger (A Resurrection of Magic, Book 1)

Skin Hunger - Kathleen Duey Skin Hunger, the first novel in the A Resurrection of Magic trilogy, starts this interesting series off with a bang. This vivid and gritty novel grabs the readers attention from page 1 and does not let go. Told in alternative chapter narration, the reader is dives head first into two different characters (male and female) lives that are connected by a small thread. While I originally did not understand the connection, it does become clearer as the book goes on.What really surprised me about this novel was that Duey does not hold anything back. It is one of the grittiest novels I have ever read. I cannot help but love and respect any author that is willing to not sugarcoat death, hunger, etc. Therefore, instead of shying away from such serious issues, she embraces their existence in this beautifully created novel. While this is a dark book, it is also one of survival. The strong and complex characters that Duey has created are among of the best I have ever met. They continuously rise to the meet their challenges, and become better because of it. I cannot wait to see how this complex novel continues in her next novel, Sacred Scars. I know that if it is anything like Skin Hunger, I will be very pleased.