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The Dark Divine - Bree Despain The Dark Divine is an interesting mix of Christian ideals and mythological lore. The premise centers around the Divine family. A family who the community looks to for their Christian example. On the surface, this appears to be the perfect family: father is a respected pastor, both older children are good students and help out in the community... but appearances can be deceiving. And in this family, there is a dark secret that is not discussed under any circumstance... the dark Divine.Did I love this book... no. Did I really enjoy it... yes, for the most part. The premise was really interesting, but I think at this point I am really burned out on certain paranormal creatures. And unfortunately, Despain's usage of a certain paranormal creature brings very little new details to an already highly discussed topic. However, I highly enjoyed Despain's usage of the historical fiction elements. It gave a nice depth to her novel, and made the whole paranormal premise more believable.As a whole, I loved the characters that Despain created. Grace was an interesting mix of Christian ideology and doubt. Throughout the novel, I found it interesting how Grace chose to deal with certain situations. There are numerous times when it seems as if her brain was on auto pilot as she acted in certain "Christian" ways. Thankfully, Despain counters this with moments where Grace acts out of this comfort zone. It is in those rare moments that I really grew to like her character. As for Daniel, I am still on the fence with his character. On one hand, I loved the interactions between him and Grace. He is the cause of her acting out of her comfort zone, so that gives him points. On the other hand, I found it hard to believe that Grace could easily accept the things that he has done and continues to do throughout the novel. My only explanation for this is her using her Christian side to find forgiveness and acceptance. In addition, love can blind so it is possible that she just chooses to overlook these discretions in favor of the love she holds for him.Despite my overload with a certain paranormal creature, this novel holds a lot of promise for readers. There is romance, intrigue, a little bit of suspense, and diverse family interactions. And while I am not the largest fan of novels with overt Christian themes, I found this novel easy to stomach. Despain skillfully blends the ideology with the paranormal to give a little something for each type of reader.