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Okay - Katherine Marple The novel follows an unnamed 16 year old girl through her tribulations with an alcoholic father. Upon reaching her last straw, she decides to run away from home with her best friend's (London) help. The plot follows these two on the road to find a new home and acceptance. Please note this is not a book for the timid. It is a bit graphic in its usage of alcoholism, drugs, and even sex.Okay is one of the most poignant novels that I have ever read. It is heartbreaking, sweet, bitter. However, it is also very frustrating. I really wanted to love our main character, but for some reason I had a hard time connecting with her. I am not sure if this is due to the situation that she is in, or more than likely, due some of the decisions that she made. For example, one of the hardest issues to read about was her drug usage. And to be honest, I seriously considered quitting the novel after reading that scene since I expected more from this lead character than that. However, her redeeming feature was London. He is everything that a knight in shining armor should be. And he is the ying to her yang.All in all, this is a beautiful novel. It is a page turner that forces its reader to look into a situation that normally that they would not experience. Marple deals wonderfully with the issue of abuse and alcoholism. It amazes me to think that she wrote this book originally when she was 15. The depth and insight that she possesses as a writer is astounding. This book may not be for everyone; however, I think that it is definitely worth a try.