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This World We Live In (Life As We Knew It Series #3)

This World We Live In - Susan Beth Pfeffer Like the previous novels, This World We Live In is an emotional powerhouse. Gone are the events of the catastrophe. All that is left now are the few remaining pieces of humanity. Miranda and her family have survived the first year after the moon was struck by an asteroid. They have survived the floods, volcanoes, the hunger. Now all they can do is take each day one step at a time.This World We Live In touches the reader deep in their soul. The novel is raw, gritty, and like exposing an open wound. Miranda's voice is a rarity. It is heartfelt, realistic, and at times brutally honest. There is something not only about her voice, but about this novel as a whole that sticks with you. You have an emotional connection to all of the characters, and it is almost as if you are transported into this world.I absolutely adored very moment of this gut wrenching novel. You walk away from this series with a completely new perspective on life. An appreciation for everything around you. I only wish that Pfeffer had given me more closure, This is not a series that one expects a happy-ending for. However, not knowing what happens to the characters that I am so emotionally invested in bothers me. At this point, it is not clear if we are to see Miranda and her family again. But personally, I want more. I have to have that closure.