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Low Red Moon - Ivy Devlin Life for Avery is a little complicated. Her parents... life as she knew it.... everything is gone is a flash. A flash of silver that is. All that Avery can currently remember about the horrible night that her parents are killed is flash of silver and awakening covered in blood. Everything leading up to that devastating moment is gone from her memories. Now as she tries to adjust to a life without them, nothing is the same... until she meets Ben. Yet Ben is a mystery. And strangely he cannot remember anything about the night her parents are killed either. Does he hold the key to unlocking Avery's memories? Only time will tell.Low Red Moon is an exciting romance novel mixed with a who-done-it mystery. While I would love to say that the novel captured my attention and took me away into another world, at this time, I cannot. It is true that Low Red Moon captured my attention. However, the largest flaw that I found in the novel is that nothing was as deep as I was wanting it to be. Every detail, every character description seemed to only focus on the surface level. Due to this issue, it was very hard for me to feel connected to Low Red Moon. In a strange way, it felt as if I was only reading as synopsis of the novel. I understood what was going on, and sometimes why, but as a reader I never felt like I knew the whole picture.Now as I stated in the disclaimer, the novel I read was drastically shorter than what the finished copy appears that it will be. Will my opinion change? I hope so. Because the truth is, Low Red Moon has a lot of promise. Avery is a fascinating character that I am dying to know more about. Throughout the whole novel, I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happened that mysterious night. As well as, what exactly is her connection to the forest. The way Devlin presents Avery, I feel as if there is a lot more to her character than meets the eye. Is it paranormal? I do not know. But I will tell you this... I want to be.