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Princess of Glass - Jessica Day George Princess of Glass is a fun and exciting retelling of the classic Cinderella tale. Jessica Day George takes all the elements of this classic tale and gives it a face lift. Yes, the basic details are still intact, but I have never read a Cinderella tale quite like this one.Readers of Day George's previous novel, Princess of the Midnight Ball should already be familiar with our heroine, Princess Poppy. For those of you who have yet read the companion novel, fear not. Day George does a fabulous job of interweaving the important plot details to ensure that all readers are on the same page. I must to admit that this was a nice feature. It has been a while since I have read Princess of the Midnight Ball so there is just enough information to bring me up to speed without making it feel cumbersome.For the most part, the characters in Princess of Glass were impressive. Words cannot accurately describe how I felt about Poppy. She was smart, tomboyish, head-strong... a wonderful female lead. I loved that she could as easily take charge of a situation as she could act like a princess. As a reader, I really appreciated being able to see the different sides of her. The rest of the characters were equally as well done except for Eleanora and the Corley. Both of the characters, to be frank, rubbed me the wrong way. Eleanora for her whininess and the Corley for not really being clear about her motives. Both characters were okay on the surface, but when I really got to think about them in depth, I was left with a lot of questions. It is true that they did hold some promise, but their overall execution was off.Putting this small issue aside, I admit that I really enjoyed Princess of Glass. Was it the best Cinderella retelling I have ever read? No. But it did introduce many plot elements that I have not seen before. In addition, Day George does something unique by importing a character from a previous fairy tale to be the heroine of her own happily ever after. Jessica Day George intertwines two of my favorite fairy tales together and presents readers with a read that feels brand new and shiny. Very enjoyable.