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Through Her Eyes - Jennifer Archer On the outside, Through Her Eyes had everything that I was looking for: paranormal, mystery, different medium for said paranormal. But on the inside, it really did not live up to what I had hoped it would be.Through Her Eyes starts off on the right foot. Girl uplifted, again, from normalcy to follow her mother around country has she writes horror novels. When the family moves into an older mansion-type home, Tansy, our main character, discovers some trinkets left behind. These trinkets lead her to discover the mystery surrounding the home and teen that once lived there.While the novel did start off in a good direction, it seems that nothing really happens after that.. until the almost very end of the novel. I am not one who usually gives up on a book due to slow pacing.. but Through Her Eyes definitely tried my patience. As for the paranormal aspect, I was really surprised by how well done it was. Many cultures have interesting ideas about cameras, and the often funny notion that by getting your picture taken, your soul will be taken as well. I have not seen the camera used too often in the way that Archer incorporated it, so I was pretty refreshing to see her take on this.Despite some major pacing hang-ups, Through Her Eyes was well done. The characters were easy to relate to. The plot was pretty original. And for some reason, I have become a sucker for novels with ghosts in them. For that alone, I would recommend Through Her Eyes. But with everyone taken into consideration, it was a good novel, but not exactly as great as I would have liked.