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Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel Never before have I read a novel like Infinite Days. Quite simply, this novel sparkles. Lenah has lived for over 500 years and is thought to be one of the most powerful vampires in existence. Despite her power, Lenah is just not satisfied. She longs to be human again. To feel the touch of another... to walk in the sunlight without fear... to feel more than just the constant numbness.Infinite Days is a beautiful debut novel that is breathtaking in both its simplicity and originality. Add in the highly emotional factor and I was completely sold. Lenah is a one of a kind character. She is smart, funny, and the type of character who completely stole my heart. Now while a vast majority of the novel exceeded my expectations, I just did not fall in love with the romantic aspect the way I wanted to. You see, Infinite Days is a novel charged with emotions. From those of love to self sacrifice, but for some reason, Justin, Lenah's love interest, was just a miss for me. I wanted to like him, I wanted to like them together, but it just never really happened. In this character's defense, I must admit that I fell hard for Rhode in the beginning of the novel. And so for the rest of the novel, I was waiting for this relationship to meet or exceeded that WOW factor that I had found originally.Infinite Days truly impressed me as a reader. Maizel takes one of the most popular topics in the YA genre and puts a spin on it. Maizel shines as she makes Lenah's experiences feel fresh and new. And as a reader, I felt like I was experiencing many of the things that Lenah was for the first time. Infinite Days will still your heart and have you begging more.