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Timeless - Alexandra Monir Short and Sweet: Timeless is as elegant as it is beautifully written. Being a time-travel novel junky, this novel was exactly the fix that I was needing. Timeless centers on Michele. A young girl who has lost her mother and is forced to move in with the grandparents she barely knows. After discovering a hidden diary, Michele is literally thrust in the past. Here she meets Phillip, a boy who she had only dreamed existed. Told through alternating sequences of the past and present, Monir completely swept me off my feet with the romance and lush depictions of the early 1900s.Final Verdict: I absolutely adored this read. Monir makes me want to believe in the power of love. The idea that it transcends time and circumstance. Timeless is the first in the series. And with the jaw-dropping cliffhanger ending, I know that future installments of this series and I will have some quality one-on-one time in the future.