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Veracity - Laura Bynum Veracity takes place in the near future, in a world that has been overtaken by fear... fear of censorship.. fear of tyranny.. fear of just about everything. The novel centers around Harper who has the interesting ability to sense people's thoughts and feelings through color auras. While it is easy to suspend belief in regards to Harper, sadly I had a harder time doing this for much of the rest of the novel.The world that Bynum has created has the potential to be amazing, but there are elements that just did not click or fell flat. Personally, I believe that if the author had taken about 10 more pages to add in little details here and there, then this novel would have been amazing. I feel that the novel's main issues seem to stem more from the details that were left out rather than what was included. If those additional pages had been included, then I believe that it would be easier on readers to fully immersed themselves in the world that Bynum created. In addition, these details would have hopefully blended certain aspects together, making the novel more cohesive and believable.Despite a few iffy issues, this novel was really decent. I really liked Harper's character and everything that she underwent in the novel to find her place. I do wish that Bynum had included a little bit more character development for her; however, the lack of development does not fully take away from the enjoyment of the novel. For me, in this case, it would have been an added bonus more than anything. Veracity is an excellent novel for readers who enjoyed The Handmaiden's Tale or V for Vendetta.