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Tempest (Tempest Trilogy Series #1) - First Impression:I am a sucker for time travel books. End of story. And when a book's cover promises me EPICNESS. I am there!While Reading:Tempest is not your typical YA book. First of all, our characters, for the most part, are in college. And deal with quite a few grown up issues. But don't let that scare you off. There is certainly a YA vibe to the book.The story starts with Jackson. A normal, if not lonely, college student who can (you guessed it) time travel. And you might think with that ability and a girlfriend who he is crazy about, life would be as close to perfect as it can get. But sadly, everything changes when total strangers gun him down, and his girlfriend, Holly, ends up the one wounded, not him.Tempest, like time, flows along a great pace. Plenty of action and suspense are around every corner. Plot threads weaving in and out of the story effortlessly. About half way into the novel, I thought to myself that Cross must have spent some massive time thinking this novel through. Past, Present, and Future Jacksons, friends, and family are easily sorted. Making the novel that much more enjoyable because I am not having to be over think the book. Trying to piece everything together because one little fact does not fit in correctly.Final Verdict:While I am not completely sure I would call Tempest EPIC. It was definitely a fun book to read. And I was complete shocked at how emotional it was. I dare you to read this book, and tell me you did not cry (or at least tear up) at least once. Cross has certainly raised the bar in her first book of the series. Here's hoping she can continue the momentum in the follow up.