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Every Other Day - Jennifer Lynn Barnes First Impression:This is the second book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes I have read. Unlike Kristen, I wasn't head over heels with my first book experience by this author. However, new series... different topic... I figured I would go into this with an open mind. While Reading:Take everything that you think you know about Charles Darwin and throw it out the window. Instead, imagine for a second that Darwin discovered not species of animals, but rather supernatural species. Changes quite a few things, doesn't it?Every Other Day opens with a bang! Despite not being impressed by my first Jennifer Lynn Barnes experience, I knew right away that this book was different. I was completely sucked into Kali's world right away.Barnes really rolled this dice with this one. Unlike most paranormal stories that throw one or two paranormals at you, Barnes as a whole arsenal at hand. You name it... Barnes probably included it. And while the book could have come off as paranormal overload, Every Other Day somehow manages to toe the line of just enough but not too much. I found myself quite awed actually by this.Verdict:I went into Every Other Day with an open mind. And I am so glad that I did. I would have really hated if I had passed on this one just due to a prior poor experience. And although Kristen doesn't completely agree with me, Every Other Day was a pretty emotional read. Very pleased and very surprised by this one. Bravo!