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Goddess Interrupted - Aimee Carter First Impression: Aimee Carter rocked my world The Goddess Test, the first book in this series. I was left in complete awe of Carter's re-imagining of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. And I could not wait to see what awaited Kate and Henry. The good... the bad... and the ugly.While Reading: Goddess Interrupted... now that is what I call a sequel! The Goddess Test introduced readers to Henry and Kate, the God of the Underworld and his new queen. Despite all that they have gone through to be together, it is only the beginning. Alas, Henry still carries the mega baggage of his first Queen, Persephone. And to make matters worse, Henry and Kate have upset the Queen of the Gods, Calliope (aka Hera). So much so that she will do anything (and I mean anything) to be rid of Kate. And that includes waking her darling father, Cronus, to destroy everything. Well, I guess if she can't have Henry... no one will. Goddess Interrupted is filled with ups and downs. Moments that make you root for our main characters. Moments that will break your heart. Aimee Carter, you sure do know how to keep me on the edge of my seat. Ever since I found out that we were finally going to meet the elusive Persephone, I have been on pins and needles wondering how much this girl would rock the boat. The answer: a hella of lot. Even now after contemplating Goddess Interrupted, I am not sure how I feel about Persephone. Sure, I don't love her because of her back story with Henry. Nor did I really care about her personality. But I had hoped that I would at least sympathize with her a little. But I am not sure that I do. Yes, she did have a few redeeming moments... but I am not sure if was even close to being enough. As for our new Queen of the Underworld, Kate, I love the girl, but I wish that she had not been so hard on herself the entire book. Henry is Henry. A moody guy that definitely does not wear his heart on his sleeve. Heck, we are lucky to ever see any emotion out of him. But their relationship in this book about killed me. It was definitely a take one step forward then like twelve steps back type of romance going on here. And every time we had one of those take twelve steps back moments, my heart fell to the floor. Aimee Carter, why did you do this to me? It was insane how emotionally invested I felt by Goddess Interrupted.Verdict: Goddess Interrupted is a knock out. A simply amazing sequel that kept me on my toes from the beginning to end. Brilliant characters continue to astound me with their depth and range of emotions that carry outside of the pages. It felt like I was going through every agonizing ordeal right along side Kate. And an ending that I did not see coming a mile away. Wow!