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Ashes - Ilsa J. Bick First Impression:With a creepy cover and the promise of something a little different, Ashes was a book that needed some investigation.While Reading:Ashes is a book that you will want to devote some time to. This is not a book that you can start on a weekend and maybe finish by Monday. No! Once you get into it, you will not be able to stop. For me, I started it on a whim one Thursday evening. Hoping to just find a book to suck me in. The next thing I know, it is 5 a.m. Friday morning. Yup, I stayed up all night with this one.I have a confession. I did not know that this was a zombie book. But Kate, it say it right there in the summary. I know, I know. But when I started Ashes, it had probably been over a month, maybe two since I had last read the summary. I started this one purely with the hope of some post-apocalypse action. Let me tell you, that first zombie scene, I almost dropped my Kindle. It was so happy to see zombies. And Bick... wow, those are damn good zombies. Just enough gore. Plenty of creep factor. Yet not over the top. Nor were they so scary that I just wanted to skip over all the details. A fantastic balance.While I would love to sit here and praise Ashes all day long, I can't. For every plus that Ashes had, there was a con somewhere down the line. Some, I could over look. Such as, the electromagnetic pulse never getting a scientific possibility. It was always military related. Was it cause Tom had a military background? I don't know. Had these characters never heard of the Sun giving off electromagnetic pulses? Again, I don't know. But it was just odd. Other issues... well, as much as I want to discuss them, I can't. Too many spoilers and such. *cough* Ellie *cough* I am just hoping that these loose threads will find resolution in the next book.Verdict:Ashes quite possibly is the best post-apocalptic book I have ever read. A great premise. Zombies. Romance. And choices. I had a blast yelling at the characters for some of the choices they made. Did not always agree with most of them. But that was part of the fun. Putting myself into Alex's place. Imagining how things might have been if I had gone my way instead of hers. Bick knows how to craft a story. And with her cruel, cruel cliffhanger, I am now desperately awaiting a sequel.