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Jessica Rules the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey First Impression: A few years ago, I was utterly captivated with Fantaskey's first Jessica book. It was a sweet romance... and a little bit of a twist on the vampire legend... and an all around satisfying read. Not long after that, Fantaskey gave us the wedding of Jessica and Lucius. Another satisfying read, but one that left us with the big question... What happened next? When Jessica Rules the Dark Side was announced, I was so excited to get back to these characters and find out the answer to that question. While Reading: Jessica Rules the Dark Side has been a LONG time coming. Wow, has it really been three years since Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side? It seems like forever. But unlike some series, the Jessica series is one that has not been forgotten too easily. Jessica... Lucius... they simply have been hovering in the back of my mind for so long. Their story awaiting its next chapter. And what a book it was!Fantaskey bring readers back into the fold nicely. Our MC, Jessica (now known as Antanasia), has finally married her vampire prince Lucius, but not everything in the married world is rosey. Secret alliances... betrayal... mystery. Fantaskey definitely knew what I was looking for with this book.Jessica Rules the Dark Side is told via multiple viewpoints. Each adding their own layer to the story. Antanasia... Mindy... Lucius. I loved reading about each of their parts. And I was happy to see Antanasia come into her own. Really this book tackles a lot of her transformation. From high schooler to wife to vampire princess, it is a lot to take in. And I was thrilled to see how Antanasia's character evolved. It wasn't the easiest process, but she got the job done. Like Antanasia, our other characters each have their own inner demons, so to speak, that they are overcoming. I loved meeting these characters, some of which were new, and getting into their heads a little bit.Verdict: Fantaskey pulled off this sequel almost without a hitch. Jessica Rules the Dark Side is a smartly written book that got me back into the world I missed. Although, the mysterious bad guy was not too much of a mystery for me, I still found the book to be completely enchanting. And will there be a book 3? I guess we will all have to wait and see.