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Stung - Wow. Oh, wow. With so many post-apocalyptic books floating around, Stung looked on the surface to be just another book in the crowd. An interesting concept to be sure, but would it deliver? The answer: hell, yes!There is so much about Stung that I loved. So much so that I am have the worst time putting my thoughts into words.Let's start with the premise. In the future, the bee population has disappeared. No bees equals no food. No food equals chaos. To advert chaos, the world's best minds came up with a solution, genetically engineered bees. Only one problem, the virus.In our current society, bees populations declining makes the news every now and again. For the most part, I sit there and may be interested for a minute or two, then move on to something else. I know the importance of bees, so to have a dystopian read tackle the subject was really interesting. Do I think we could get as extreme as it does in Stung? Who knows, but whatever the future holds, Stung presents us with one very realistic possibility.Fiona was a really unique character, very Sleeping Beauty like. After awaking from a coma, Fiona is lost and alone. Thinking that she is thirteen, Fiona is scared to find all that she can initially remember changed. No parents or brother. The house is a wreak. Dust and debris everywhere. To make matters worse, there are tattooed creatures on the loose. These creatures add a lot of tension to Stung. A tension that I didn't think would be there. I loved that Stung kept me on the edge of my seat discovering more about these creatures and how everything was connected.Final Verdict:From the very beginning, I was captivated with Stung. Is the book pure perfection? No. I did have some issues with a plot twist or two, but overall, Stung blew me away with its creativity. I loved the almost fairy tale like quality of Stung, and being able to follow Fiona in her journey of self-discovery. All in all, Stung does what few reads can... instantly grab me.Will there be more?Throughout Stung, I thought it was a standalone. But with the twist ending, now I am not so sure. I have seen talks about a sequel / companion novel, so it looks like Stung may not be a standalone after all. Personally, that makes me really excited. I would love to jump back into this world and discover more.