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Prophecy - So, it has been said that Prophecy, by Ellen Oh, is eerily similar to Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Is it true? Read Prophecy yourself and be the judge. Personally, when I find a book that has been compared to another favorite of mine, I almost instantly put the comparison in the back of my mind and try my hardest to not think about it at all. Why? Because I am reading X book for X reason. Not necessarily because it is like book Y. Furthermore, I want to like a book for its own merits, and not because it reminds of me of another book. Same thing if I dislike the book. Moving on.The world building was probably Prophecy's strongest suit. Having been disappointed with other Asian themed reads in the past, Prophecy was an almost perfect blend. Never too much, which could have over complicated the read. Never too little, to where I forgot that Prophecy was set in mythical Korea. Sure, there were terms and references to Korean culture that I didn't always understand fully, but Ellen Oh, thankfully, provides plenty of context clues so I always had a good idea of what was going on.Read the rest of my review at: