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Mockingjay (Hunger Games Series #3) - Suzanne  Collins Review in 75 Words or Less: Mockingjay... Mockingjay... Oh, how I love / dislike you. The third and final installment leaves the series with a thrilling conclusion. Many twists and turns await readers as they navigate through plenty of action, intrigue, and a pinch of romance. While the novel was full of awesomeness, I must admit that the sparkle which was present in the previous novels is missing. And do not get me started on the epilogue. Final Verdict: I am so torn. There are probably not words to express the love that I have for The Hunger Games and Catching Fire; however, the love I have for Mockingjay is so much different. It is a much more mature novel than the previous in the series. And while this is a good thing to an extent, it feels odd as a reader to have the author's voice in my mind change so drastically. Mockingjay is definitely a thrilling novel. One that will have you thinking and talking about it long after you have finished the last page.